Clients who use brokerage services can install in their PCs QUIK, Internet-Trading System, a proprietary product of «ARQA Technologies»

The Internet Trading System QUIK is an analogue of a dealer’s workstation at a modern telemarketing system designed to support trading in financial instruments, such as shares, bonds, futures and options. The System provides broad opportunities for viewing and analyzing tabulated stock-exchange quotations, using technical analysis, obtaining latest news, and performing non-trading transactions in the real-time mode. The Internet Trading System QUIK provides:

  • high operational efficiency in obtaining of information and executing of orders;
  • application of up-to-date and efficient information security when working in the Internet;
  • robust support for trading activities at major trading facilities;
  • extensive functional capabilities in handling of orders: easy input and withdrawal of orders, pending orders, contingent orders of six types, import of orders generated by other programs;
  • possibility to export data to other programs in an on-line mode: Microsoft Excel, data bases, professional tools of technical analysis;
  • application of embedded language QPILE for making tables with designed parameters and programming of customized trading strategies.

Operations with an electronic digital signature (EDS) rely on the software products of Signal-COM company «Signal-COM», which contain Crypto-KM 3.2, a cryptographic information protection facility certified by the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation.

The installation package of all software products as well as user guides thereto are accessible for the Company's clients. Prior to installing the software, make sure that your computer meets the essential system requirements.

Should you have any questions concerning utilization of Internet Trading Software, please contact the relevant staff of the Bank whose telephone numbers and addresses are listed in Contact Us.

In case any questions arise with regard to installation and operation of the software, please contact the Help Desk at .